X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation™

Real-Time 3D Scanning

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to a lost tooth or teeth. They act as a replacement tooth root and provide a foundation for securely attaching crowns. These custom-made implants will look, feel and function just like real teeth. Currently three-million Americans have dental implants to replace missing teeth. This number grows and additional 500,000 people each year.
person holding a set of model teeth

Constant Guidance & Feedback

The latest, safest and most accurate technology helps you get back to life feeling confident. X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation™ imaging allows Dr. Hecht to comprehensively plan for your procedure with more accuracy than a traditional CT scan or X-ray. The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation™ system uses your 3D scans and real-time imaging to provide Constant Guidance And Feedback guiding Dr. Hecht throughout the entire transplant procedure.

The system performs much like a GPS, specifically programmed for your transplant to help you receive the most accurate procedure possible. Procedure and recovery time are both optimized with use of this system. And unlike the previous procedures that required building a static guide – a time consuming process, we’re able to perform your procedure sooner. The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation™ helps you to receive the safest, most accurate care available with better results than previous procedures.