Piezosurgery® offers distinct advantages to the surgical treatment of the patient. The Piezosurgery® allows for finite bone incisions with minimal invasiveness and a homeostatic field of vision that significantly reduces the thrust to soft tissue, i.e. nerve and blood vessels adjacent to the treatment area. Also, patients may have less swelling and soft and hard tissue damage.

The Piezosurgery® Handpiece

Piezosurgery®’s unique cutting action results from the application of ultrasonic modulated vibrations generated by piezoelectric ceramic discs located in the handpiece to a surgical insert. Thanks to the sophisticated electronic controls, Piezosurgery® inserts vibrate only along their longitudinal axis, thus maximizing cutting efficiency, with less mechanical stress on the insert tips and overall less heat generation.

Piezosurgery Handpiece
  • High frequency electrical impulses from the console to the ceramics discs of the handpiece.
  • Electricity induces mechanical deformations of the ceramic discs, which are transferred into the titanium concentrator.
  • Vibrations in the concentrator transfer to the insert, generating its micrometric cutting action.
  • Inserts micrometric movement is mainly linear to maximize cutting efficiency along longitudinal axis of the handpiece.

Image & content courtesy of Piezosurgery® Inc.

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