Versah Drills

Long Term Implant Success

At Hecht Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we continue to seek out the most advanced technology to improve our patients’ experience. We have invested in Versah drills. Their benefit is to provide dental implant clinicians with an improved and unique way of preparing the implant for placement.

Precision & Consistency

Instead of drilling the bone away as is done with conventional drills, the Versah drill’s precision allows for consistently cylindrical and densified opening for the implant, allowing for stability and early loading. This precision is most critical when drilling into narrow bone locations.

Unlike traditional bone drilling a new osteotomy preparation technique called “Osseodensification” does not excavate bone tissues. Instead bone tissue is simultaneously compacted and auto-grafted with minimal trauma as osteotomy is rapidly formed. This leads to increased stability and implant success in the short and long term.